We are wizQIT.

We at wizQIT aim to become your trusted partner in cybersecurity. We listen carefully to your needs and ambitions, give solid advice and we implement the perfect solution.

We want to build a long term relationship with our customers, based on trust, commitment and excellent service.

You deserve us.

Every company deserves a professional network & security partner. Every company deserves wizQIT.


wizQIT ensures that network & security isn’t just another IT department project. Well managed, they offer great strategic advantage.

What are we about?

We listen and watch. We give you solid advice. We implement solutions and monitor the outcome. We don’t simply deliver products to your doorstep. We build your network, so you can build your company.


We only offer you the best suited tools and equipment. We have strategic partnerships with:

  • SentinelOne (EPP & EDR)
  • Fortinet (Fabric, firewalls, networking)
  • Pulse Secure (VPN & NAC)
  • Juniper – Mist (networking & WiFi)
  • Extreme Networks (WiFi)


Secure your network. Based on technology, IT-management and user awareness.

Peace of mind.

Less worrying, better sleeping. More flexibility, more peace of mind. More wizQIT.


wizQIT offers services in the domains of:

  • Zero trust cybersecurity
  • Network identity & access
  • Remote sites
  • Endpoint protection
  • Endpoint detection & response

Contact us.

Every good relationship starts with a conversation. Tell us what’s on your mind, and we will make a difference.

    Listen,watch, talk.

    wizQIT first listens and watches, then talks. We thoroughly listen to your needs and ambitions. We carefully watch your IT infrastructure.


    We breathe service. wizQIT is convinced that offering outstanding service is an essential part of the relationship with our customers.

    In it for thelong run.

    wizQIT doesn’t want to be just another supplier. We want to be your trusted partner. Open and honest. No nonsense.

    wizQIT BV

    Zavelstraat 25
    3590 Diepenbeek
    +32 16 361616